As we all know, Fridays mean Farmer’s Market here in Gloucester. A lot of people love them. I know that I spend all week looking forward to eating a pork roll from the spit roast stand, or getting some fresh olives from the lovely lady who stands next to HSBC with her stall. Because so many people love the Farmers market on a Friday, some business owners on Westgate street thought it would be a good plan to move the Farmers market down to Westgate Street once a month.

This is an attempt make Westgate Street look more attractive to people within the city. Westgate has a lot of hidden potential that you start to realise the further down you go. Stalls that will be featured include Plants, Jams, Antiques, Allotment Holders and so much more.

We at Four Gates look forward to the new Westgate Market! Tell us what you think by commenting, tweeting us, or posting on our facebook page!