Hollie Gazzard Memorial Bench four gates southgate streetAny passers by on Southgate Street in the past few days may have noticed a new bench decorated with flowers and balloons.

To mark the two year anniversary of 20 year old Hollie Gazzard’s death, a memorial bench has been set up in the city centre. The Gazzard Family raised £9,000 on a day filled with art, expression and meaning dedicated to Hollie in June 2014. This money was used to set up the bench outside the salon that Hollie worked at, Fringe Benefits.

The Hollie Gazzard Trust was set up shortly after Hollie’s passing to help young hairdressers get through their studies as Hollie did, to support Increase the Peace, and to work alongside Gloucester Domestic Abuse Support Services. If anyone wants to make donations, the link to the Hollie Gazzard Trust website is here.

Our thoughts go out to the Gazzard Family.

(Check out the new ‘Hollie Guard’ app here!)