Six drug dealers have been sentenced to over 20 years in prison after a surveillance operation conducted by undercover police officers.

They appeared at Gloucester Crown Court today (Friday 9 December) and were all sentenced for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Abdul Faina, aged 28, of Tamar Road in Brockworth, was found guilty after a trial and was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison.

Glody Mandangi, aged 25, of St Pauls Road in Cheltenham, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Roberto Wade, aged 21, of Howard Road in London, pleaded guilty and was handed a prison sentence of three years and four months.

Arron Falloon, aged 24, of Malden Road in Cheltenham, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Kimberly Knight, aged 30, of Lloyd Close in Cheltenham, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years and six months in prison.

Anastassia Tepljakova, aged 29, of Elmfield Road in Cheltenham, was given a 12 month community order after pleading guilty, which involves drug rehabilitation.

Between Tuesday 28 July 2015 and Friday 31 July 2015, Gloucestershire Constabulary officers in plain clothes watched the actions of the offenders in order to gather evidence of their drug dealing in Cheltenham.

Mandangi and Wade were arrested on Friday 31 July 2015 in Joe’s Café on St Pauls Road after officers observed them making phone calls and in possession of a suspicious bag. The bag contained a Kinder Egg with 14 wraps of Heroin and 13 wraps of Crack Cocaine stashed inside, collectively worth £400. Mandangi was also found with over £400 hidden in his trainer when he was searched in custody.

At the same time, other undercover officers executed a warrant at a property on St Pauls Road, where dealer lists, digital weighing scales and almost £600 in cash were seized. Knight returned to the property whilst the warrant was taking place and was arrested.

Shortly afterwards, police identified that Faina was a passenger in a taxi in Gloucester. An unmarked police car attempted to stop the taxi, causing him to flee the vehicle in a panicked state where he was pursued on foot. Whilst running away, he took cling filmed wraps of drugs out of his pockets and discarded them on Vauxhall Road. Officers caught up with him and arrested him, where he was in possession of £3,460 worth of Heroin and £3,740 worth of Crack Cocaine. A further 60 wraps of Heroin, worth £600, were found on the floor next to where he was detained.

Tepljakova was later arrested at her home on Elmfield Road in Cheltenham on Friday 4 December 2015 and Falloon was arrested for his part in the drug dealing on Malden Road in Cheltenham on Tuesday 5 January 2016.

PC Gav Davis, of Force Crime Operations, said: “Today’s sentencing is an excellent result for months of hard work tackling the supply of Heroin and Crack Cocaine in the Gloucestershire area. We were assisted greatly by many departments in the Constabulary including chemical treatment, forensic analyst bureau, digital forensics team, financial investigations and the dedicated analyst.

“This operation demonstrates that the Constabulary is committed to disrupting the sale and distribution of these destructive drugs and the violence that so often comes with ventures of this nature. In order to effectively target these criminals, officers are not necessarily in uniform. Remaining undercover is vital in helping us gather enough evidence to bring these criminals to justice.

“Drug dealing gangs often mirrors legitimate businesses. It is organised with a rank structure – there are those working in a management capacity, logistics, and the shop workers. Faina acted as the management, with Mandangi, Wade and Falloon being the street dealers. Knight and Tepljakova acted as their personal assistants booking taxis, hiring cars and organising apartments for them to deal from. After Faina was remanded in custody, Nasir Sheikh took over the ‘business’ and was sentenced to eight years earlier this month for dealing Class A drugs and firearms offences.

“It is essential that we have the public’s support and information to effectively target such crime. If you have any information to assist us, do not hesitate to contact us using the 101 number or anonymously via Crimestoppers. Please do not think that we are not interested in the information that is given. You may not always see us but we are working hard to keep everybody safe.”

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