The historically important Eastgate Chamber has received a new lease of life thanks to safety and lighting improvements.

Gloucester City Council has recently invested £8,000 in improving the chamber to enhance the experience for visitors and showcase the importance of Gloucester’s Roman history.

The lighting previously within the chamber dated from the 1980’s and in some areas even earlier, which needed repair and was both unreliable and unflattering. The lighting has therefore been replaced and improved overall.

The work, which started in early November, was made possible from the money raised from the sale of land at St Oswald’s.

The steps to the chamber have also been painted and anti-slip stair edgings were put in to improve safety.

There has been positive feedback from Civic Trust tour guides, the museum and people who have been on the tours since the lighting has been improved.

Cllr Lise Noakes, cabinet member for culture and leisure at Gloucester City Council, said: “I am really pleased that we’ve been able to make some much needed improvements to the lighting at Eastgate Chamber to further enhance the experience for visitors.

“The chamber is a popular and important visual part of Gloucester’s Roman history. By updating the lighting to improve the visitor experience, I hope we can do the monument justice for many more years to come.”

Cllr Paul James, leader of Gloucester City Council, said: “The heritage of Gloucester is so important to be remembered and celebrated. I am pleased we have been able to make improvements to the chamber and hope people continue the site.”

Ian McKay, from the Civic Trust, said: “The quality of light from the new LED fittings highlights the beauty of the stonework in the Roman wall. This LED light resembles natural sunlight and illuminates effectively the medieval Gatetower and nearby horsepool.

“The chamber’s potential can now be better exploited, not least for educational purposes.  The museum already runs frequent chamber visits for schools and families, which will benefit from the new lighting. Visitors from elsewhere already enjoy the chamber anyway, but now they’ll be able to appreciate Gloucester’s Roman and medieval past more readily.”

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