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Gloucester City Council’s cabinet will be meet this evening and want to invite local people to come along and see how local democracy works.

Cabinet currently comprises of six councillors including the leader of Gloucester City Council who chairs its meetings. It has responsibility for the day-to-day decisions on council functions and makes recommendations to full council on the major policy plans and the budget and council tax.

By coming along to the meeting, which takes place at the Civic Suite in North Warehouse, Gloucester, from 6pm, members of the public can get an overview of how decisions are reached and made.

Cllr Paul James, leader of Gloucester City Council and chair of the meetings, said: “I really welcome the prospect of more people coming along to cabinet and getting an idea of what happens when we meet.

“Local democracy is hugely important, it affects us all and you can learn a lot about your community by attending. In tomorrows meeting we will discuss the possibility of a Gloucester Lottery and the proposal to adopt a late night levy.”

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