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The School Gate Campaign was launched at Robinswood Primary School, Matson this week.

The scheme aims to educate and encourage parents about the importance of keeping the school gates clear and adhering to the road restrictions in place such as zig zag markings and double yellow lines.

Following concerns raised by both the school and community over the safety of pupils during the school run, the scheme was funded two years ago by the Police and Crime Commissioner in line with his Safe and Social Driving priority and with the support of Gloucestershire’s Road Safety Partnership.

The campaign was launched on Wednesday alongside Gloucester City Homes’ Junior Wardens group, The Cool Kidz Crew, who patrolled as ‘mini coppers’ outside their school. They enjoyed giving advice to parents and pupils about road safety and safe places to park.  The school pupils also had a visit from Colin The Crocodile Copper who promotes road safety and how pupils themselves can help out and make things better.

PCSO Christopher Jenkinson states that “Pupils’ safety is a priority for the local team. This campaign helps us to work in partnership with the school and pupils to help promote safety. As a local team we have been tasked to take on priorities from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s plan and this scheme fits in nicely with his priorities of Safe and Social Driving and Young People Becoming Adults. We have been well supported by the school, parents and community groups who regularly raise their concerns through meetings with the Police. By introducing Colin the Crocodile Copper we can engage with the pupils in a fun and informative manner.”

Sandy Brammer Chair of the Matson & Robinswood Resident Group and a parent of pupils at the school said, “It has been great seeing the fab work this week with making parents aware of the dangers caused by people parking where they shouldn’t, for example in front of the gates and on double yellow lines, etc. It’s amazing seeing the difference that advice like this can make.  Many schools face the same problems where people don’t realise the dangers posed when parking illegally and inconsiderately.”

Bob Allen Chair of the Matson, Robinswood and White City Community Partnership and Robinswood School Advisory Board said, “We applaud the work of the Robinswood Junior Wardens in their efforts to improve road safety, particularly round the school gates.  The efforts of our PCSO, together with input from GCH have had a big impact in making Matson safer and a better place to live.”

Mandi Holt, Community Involvement Officer at Gloucester City Homes added, “It is great to involve the Junior Wardens in the campaign as they are committed and passionate to help make a difference and protect the safety of their peers. We hope that the hands-on approach taken by the children will encourage parents and guardians to listen and take on board their advice.

The School Gate Campaign will run for a number of weeks with numerous activities taking place as well as visible patrols. We will continue to work in partnership with the school, Gloucester City Homes, Road Safety and Gloucestershire Highways.

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