Junior Wardens from Robinswood School in Matson have just finished a successful term in the role and have been hailed as shining examples of young people who want to make a positive difference in their community.

During the packed nine-week scheme the pupils carried out community inspections, met the local mayor to suggest improvements and took part in anti-social behaviour and road safety awareness sessions. They even tasted life as police officers when they took part in the “Mini Coppers” initiative and patrolled outside their school, promoting pupil safety in light of concerns about obstructive parking.

The Junior Warden scheme is run by Gloucester City Homes in conjunction with Together in Matson and the police and this was the first time a new, shortened version of the scheme has been run, introducing a number of changes aimed at making it more beneficial.

Police Community Support Officer Chris Jenkinson, who helps manage and run the schemes throughout the city, said: “The Junior Wardens are well known throughout the city for the positive impact they have on their communities. The wardens learn lifelong skills to help them in their development to young adults. They understand how they can strengthen their community but also how to have a voice and make sensible decisions. This is part of a policing priority to help young people become young adults as laid out by our Police and Crime Commisioner Martin Surl.

“Having Together in Matson on board this year has helped develop the scheme and show the Wardens what support and activities there are in their own community. Luke, the youth worker, brings his valuable skills and experience to the scheme. It gives the Wardens an insight into what else they can become involved in as part of their community.”

Vanessa Worrall from Together In Matson, “We have always had respect for the Junior Wardens scheme as we, as a project, have always tried to engage people in their own community. Having the opportunity to be part of the junior wardens is excellent as we can take the programme further by creating a youth forum that can speak for young people.  The reputation of an area can change if young people are involved in that change.”

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Robinswood School Junior Wardens complete successful scheme by Shaun Moore | Gloucester News Centre - http://gloucesternewscentre.co.uk/