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A roadside operation has taken place to help ensure people don’t carry weapons into Gloucester.

Officers stopped as many vehicles as possible on Cemetery Road (just off Eastern Avenue) to ensure people are aware of the ongoing knife surrender that is running across the county until 18 February.

Motorists were handed a leaflet about the “Surrender A Knife, Not Your Life” campaign, with details of how and where they can hand in any knives they may be keeping.

Additionally police at the checkpoint and cars with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology across the city were on hand to intercept any vehicles that are linked to serious or violent crime.

Traffic offences such as speeding, drink/drug driving and driving while using a mobile phone were also be targeted during the five hour operation, which ran between 10am and 3pm.

Chief Inspector Yan Georgiou, from the tri-force operations team, said: “The key aim of this initiative is to provide reassurance to the public that we are taking proactive, positive action to address the issue of weapons in the city and to educate people about the problem.

“We will also be seeking to identify anyone linked to criminality in the city or who is potentially carrying a weapon and to take action against them.

“Ultimately we will be looking to take more weapons off the street, disrupt criminality and ensure Gloucester is safer place to work and visit.

“The knife surrender is continuing but this is one of a range of other diversionary and enforcement actions we’re taking to address the increase in violent crime with our partner agencies.

“I’d like to thank people for their patience during the operation and hope everyone understands why we are doing it. 

“Ultimately we will only succeed in combating this type of crime by working with our partner agencies, coming together as a community and using a range of measures such as this one.”

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Roadside operation aims to clamp down on anyone carrying weapons into Gloucester by Kate | Gloucester News Centre - http://gloucesternewscentre.co.uk/