A new trash screen is going to be installed on the Wotton Brook in Barnwood Park in September, which will reduce flood risks in the area.

A trash screen is a steel structure comprised of a series of bars which allows water to pass through, but holds back debris that can then be removed.

Most screens need to be cleaned regularly in order to avoid a blockage, and the current screen at Wotton Brook is difficult to clean meaning it often becomes blocked.

Gloucester City Council will be installing the new screen from 5th September. It is designed to be far more efficient and better at catching the debris that is washed downstream.

It will take approximately 1 week to install the new screen.

The new screen will be bigger than the previous one to comply with current standards, but to reduce any visual impact, parts of the new screen will be painted black, rather than left steel grey.

Gloucester City Council is working with the ‘Friends of Barnwood Arboretum’ as part of the work and an environmental permit has been obtained from the Environment Agency.

Lloyd Griffiths, head of neighbourhood services at Gloucester City Council, said: “The current trash screen is no longer fit for purpose, which is why we are now going to be updating it with a brand new screen.’’

“The new screen will be much better at catching debris washed downstream, whilst letting water continue to flow through, reducing flood risks and it will be safer to clean.”

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