Gloucester City Council has approved its playing pitch strategy which plans how it will provide accessible, sustainable and high quality outdoor sports facilities for all residents now and in the future.

It is hoped that more people will be encouraged to participate in sport and physical activity for their general health and wellbeing if there are enough good quality sports pitches in Gloucester.

Earlier this year the council carried out a city-wide review of local playing pitches and asked residents for their views on the playing pitches in their areas.

The strategy, approved on 28th January, includes an assessment of the current sports and recreational facilities in the city, including artificial grass pitches, as well as opportunities for new provision.

From now on the strategy will be a consideration when new developments are planned. It will help to protect playing fields from being lost and make sure that the right type, and quantity, of new pitches are provided as part of new developments.

It will also make sure that investment is directed into the most important pitches, that the quality and accessibility of the pitches are monitored and improvements are made where possible.

Sports clubs will be encouraged to apply for any national funding which may be available, and the city council will work with them when they put together their bids, offering advice and support.

Cllr Colin Organ, Cabinet member for housing and planning said, “We’d like Gloucester to be an active, healthy and safe city for all to enjoy, and we want families and friends to use their local playing fields for their fun, sport, games and exercise.

“I’m delighted to announce the approval of this strategy because it’ll help us make sure the right amount, and the right types, of playing pitches are available for the community’s needs now and in the future.”

The full ‘Gloucester Playing Pitch Strategy’ and ‘Artificial Grass Pitch Strategy’ can be viewed on the city council’s website at

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