Gloucester City Council is launching its new and improved waste and recycling service from January 16th 2017.

Following a detailed consultation last year about what residents would like to change about waste and recycling in the city, Gloucester City Council is launching its new service this month.

As a result of the public feedback, the new and expanded waste and recycling scheme means that residents are able to recycle corrugated cardboard, mixed plastics, textiles and shoes in addition to the current collection of glass, paper, cans, plastic bottles and food.

Gloucester residents who make the most of the new service will minimise the non-recyclable waste left in their black bins and prevent excess waste from being landfilled.

The recyclable materials collected will be sorted into brand new recycling vehicles and will then be sent for onward re-processing into new products.

Residents have received their new collection calendars in the post and it’s important to check them carefully as some collection routes will be changing. This will mean some properties have a different collection day when the new service starts next week.

Although collection days could change, recycling and food waste collections will continue to be weekly and garden waste fortnightly as now.

Blue reusable sacks for the collection of corrugated cardboard are currently being delivered into residents green boxes after they have been emptied. These sacks can be used from week commencing 16th January when the new expanded service starts.

Recycling will continue to be collected weekly in the green recycling boxes.

Cllr Richard Cook, cabinet member for environment said, “I’m really pleased that following the public consultation we have been able to add the additional materials to our door-to-door recycling collections which residents wanted, and invest in the new recycling vehicles that will make this possible.

“The new improved service is forecast to deliver savings of around £250,000 a year, divert a further 2000 tonnes of waste a year from landfill and move us closer to recycling 50% of all the household waste created in the city within the next 12 months.”

For residents who live in a flat with communal recycling bins, the way that recycling is collected won’t change at the moment, but the collection day could still change.

Once residents have read the information that they have received in the post they may feel that they need more room for their recycling items. If so, an additional green box can be ordered by email: or telephone 01452 396396.

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