The muddiest sporting pitches in the UK – where the most matches are rained off or affected by inclement weather – are in Wales, according to research by laundry appliance brand Belling.

The study combined Met Office weather data with research amongst grassroots sports clubs across the UK, looking at the number of games rained-off or affected by water-logged pitches.

Belling’s survey found that thousands of football, rugby and hockey fixtures are cancelled every winter in the UK, with the nation’s poor weather being largely to blame.

According to the research, the top ten locations most likely to have a fixture affected by wet weather and poorly maintained pitches were named as:

  1. Cardiff
  2. Glasgow
  3. Preston
  4. Huddersfield
  5. Plymouth
  6. Blackpool
  7. Carlisle
  8. Manchester
  9. Gloucester
  10. Liverpool

Belling also named the dirtiest sports team in the UK, but instead of judging dangerous tackles, dissent or the number of red cards given, it called out to its social media community for the muddiest sporting snaps – the filthiest of which has received team sponsorship to purchase new kits, plus its own Belling Sensicare machine to keep them pristine.

Rugby team Haverfordwest Ladies, based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, was named the dirtiest team, regularly battling muddy and waterlogged conditions to perform near top of their division. The ladies team plays on a Sunday, after the men’s team uses the pitch on a Saturday – meaning that the ground is already badly-churned by the time the women’s side take to the field.

Jane Rylands, Marketing Manager for Belling UK, said: “We’ve loved undertaking this research into the UK’s muddiest pitches.  There are thousands of grassroots clubs across the UK who turn up and play in the very worst weather.  Unfortunately, we can’t replace all of the waterlogged pitches, but we can provide a hard-working, trusty washing machine – one that’ll be tough on mucky footie shirts and hockey shorts. We’ve even added our Stain+ feature so that you can change the intensity of the wash depending on how dirty the clothes are.

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