Two schemes for the restoration and bringing back into use of listed buildings at risk in Westgate Street have recently been granted planning and listed building consent. 

Since 2013 the City Centre Historic Grants Scheme has been revitalising the city centre conservation area by providing grants to local businesses and property owners to carry out repairs, re-instate architectural features and bring back into use vacant floor space.

The grant scheme which helps with the building repairs is funded by the city council’s City Centre Investment Fund.

Now, 41 Westgate Street has consent for a new shopfront and change of use of the upper floors to a one bed apartment and 78 Westgate Street also has consent for a new shopfront, with separate access leading to a new two bed apartment on the upper floors.

Both properties have been recognised as priority projects for the City Centre Historic Areas Grant Scheme.

The owners are currently preparing their grant applications and it is hoped that the city council will be able to make an offer to each within the next couple of months.

Cllr Paul James, leader of Gloucester City Council: “I am really pleased that both these two properties will be developed to continue the regeneration of Gloucester centre.

“Our grant scheme has already helped a number of properties in Westgate Street, which is our most historic street. We want to make it as attractive as possible.”

Local property and business owners are invited to apply for funding at

Gloucester City Council has a number of business grants available, to find out what’s on offer and how to apply visit

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