Gloucester based stunt driving Brothers, Alastair and John Moffatt have reclaimed the Guinness World Record for the Tightest Double Parallel Park during filming for CBBC programme Officially Amazing at Bentwaters Airfield on 15th July 2015, at a distance of 41cm in Fiat 500s kindly provided by Fiat UK.

This Guinness World Record is calculated by adding the length of both cars and subtracting this measurement from the distance between the two parked cars. The two cars are then parked into the space without touching either of the parked cars, each other and within 30cm of the kerb line.

Alastair, a Master Instructor at Stunt Drive UK also holds Guinness World Records for the Tightest Single Parallel Park, Tightest Reverse Parallel Park and Tightest Gap Driven through on Two Wheels. Whilst John and Alastair jointly hold the Tightest Triple Parallel Park and Fastest Time for Three Cars to Complete Ten Donuts in a Fan Formation with Alastair.

Commenting on their achievement, John noted, “With a team World Record its really important that both of us are at the top of our game at the exact same time. Its taken lots of practicing to achieve this record today and create a new precision driving record” The Moffatt Brothers’ astounding display of precision driving is also available for viewing on BBC iPlayer.

Stunt Drive UK is the leading provider of car based stunt driving experience days in the UK. With four venues located throughout England and Wales, visiting members of the public can learn to perform stunts from the movies such as High-Speed Parallel Parking, J Turns and Driving a Car on Two Wheels.

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Moffat brothers reclaim Guinness World Record for the Tightest Double Parallel Park by Kate | Gloucester News Centre -