Gloucester City Council has published its draft council plan and its vision to work with partners and residents to make Gloucester a city that works for everyone.

The draft plan, which will be discussed at next week’s full council meeting, outlines the city council’s priorities for the next three years. These include, working to create a vibrant and prosperous city, working to maintain a safe and attractive city, working to build strong and resilient communities and working to provide great services that offer value for money.

Throughout the previous year massive regeneration projects have been underway, such as the new bus station, in order to create a vibrant and prosperous city; these types of schemes are set to continue over the next year.

Regeneration and the city economy are key priorities within the council plan. Developments at Bakers Quay, Blackfriars and the new bus station all play a vital role in how the council will deliver its ambitions for the city.

Gloucester City Council has a clear commitment to making sure the city is a safe and attractive place for residents, visitors and businesses. The draft plan suggests a mix of improvement projects and enforcement actions that work towards ensuring this commitment is met.

The council has a multi-agency approach when it comes to keeping Gloucester safe. By working closely with the police, county council and other partner organisations, the council is committed to ensuring Gloucester is a safe place.

The city council is always looking at ways to work better with communities and build resilient relationships. The draft plan explores new ways for the council to work with the most vulnerable people in the city and how it can support communities to utilise their strengths to improve their own lives.

Cllr Paul James, leader of Gloucester City Council and cabinet member for regeneration and economy, said: “The Council Plan sets out our vision for Gloucester over the next three years and how we will deliver this, with our partners and our communities, within the resources available.

“Despite a difficult financial environment for local government, we remain ambitious for Gloucester and believe an exciting future lies ahead for our city.”

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