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Tenants of a Gloucester City Homes (GCH) property in White City have been given one last chance to behave, following a prolonged period of anti-social behaviour. The County Court decided to suspend possession, meaning the tenants could lose their home if they breach their tenancy just once more.

Reported nuisance includes noise, dog barking, family gatherings that turned volatile, threats towards neighbours and regular Police attendance due to criminal matters and breaches of peace.

In January 2016, GCH secured an Injunction to exclude a family member from visiting the address, in a bid to protect residents from their violent behaviour.

A suspended possession order means that the Court recognises the breaches of their tenancy agreement, but gives the tenants a final chance to remain in the property if they fully comply with their tenancy.

Eviction is always the last option and is used only when all other attempts to resolve anti-social behaviour have been unsuccessful. In cases such as this, eviction can be the only option to protect communities and give residents the right to live peacefully.

Sara Hendry, ASB Manager commented: “We hope the tenants comply with the order and recognise that this is their final chance. If there are further proven incidents of nuisance, robust action will be taken to enforce eviction, in order to protect the community.”

Gloucester City Homes and Project Solace are both located at Railway House, Bruton Way, Gloucester. If you are affected by anti-social behaviour you can receive specialist advice by calling 01452 424344. You can also report incidents online by visiting www.gch.co.uk

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