Gloucester City Council is launching a consultation into how it delivers waste and recycling services in the city and wants to hear from residents.

The council has been carrying out a review into how it delivers its waste & recycling service with a focus on:


  • Improving recycling performance / diverting waste away from landfill


  • Providing better value for money


  • Being customer focussed

 The review has identified a series of changes that will help the council to meet those criteria and what the consultation proposals should include.

Some of the proposals include keeping black bin collections to every two weeks basis and dry recycling on a weekly basis as it is now, but with the introduction of corrugated cardboard and textiles being able to be recycled.

Each resident would receive a weather proof sack to put their corrugated cardboard in, whilst all other dry recycling items would go into the green box as usual.

By collecting extra materials at the kerbside, it will increase recycling by up to five per cent and deliver savings in the region of £300,000 per year to the council. If adopted, the changes, and introduction of a new fleet of recycling trucks, would come into place in Jaunary 2017.

These changes would build on the work of the council’s Environmental Projects Team, whose efforts saw over 1,000 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill and food waste recycling increasing by over 25% during 2015/2016.

Through this work the council has been shortlisted for a Local Authority Community Recycling Award at the forthcoming National Awards for Excellence.

Lloyd Griffiths, Head of Neighbourhood Services, said: “It’s great to have reached a position where we can improve the recycling service we offer to our residents, and at the same time minimise any impact the changes could have.

“Residents would still receive a weekly collection of dry recycling but would now be able to recycle corrugated cardboard and textiles as well. We’re not proposing any changes to the frequency of black bin collections.

“I’d urge people to visit our website consultation pages and tell us what you think of the current service, and the proposed changes, so we get the new service spot on.”

The consultations runs from Thursday 12th May until Sunday 12th June.

To take part, please visit http://www.gloucester.gov.uk/council/more/Pages/Current-Consultations.aspx

Gloucester News Centre – http://gloucesternewscentre.co.uk

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