Gloucester City Council is reminding residents to look after their wheelie bins ahead of the start of April when new charges will be introduced for replacement bins.

On average Gloucester council-taxpayers spend £100,000 a year on replacing waste and recycling containers. In order to tackle this expense and to encourage people to look after their bins, the council is introducing a charge for replacing black and green wheelie bins in certain circumstances.

From 1st April, there will be a £40 replacement charge for lost or damaged wheelie bins, or £30 if you collect the replacement bin from the council’s Eastern Avenue Depot.

To help residents keep their bins safe, the city council has issued the following advice:

  • Don’t put your bin out the night before your collection day. Your bin could be stolen or vandalised.
  • Do take your bin in as soon as you can after collection.
  • Do ask your neighbour to do this on your behalf if you work shifts or long hours.
  • Do store your bins in a secure area and not in a back alley.
  • Don’t overload your bin.
  • Do put your house name or number on your bin.
  • Do look after your bin.

The council will continue to cover the cost of a wheelie bin which is broken or damaged through general wear or tear or contractor error. There will be an online form to complete including a declaration section to be completed before a new bin is issued.

Lloyd Griffiths, head of neighbourhood services at Gloucester City Council, said: “We are offering practical advice to help people look after their wheeled bins. By doing this, we can reduce the amount of money spent on replacing them.”

Brown food waste caddies, green recycling boxes and blue corrugated card sacks are still free if they need to be replaced. For more information or to order a new bin, sack or caddy, go

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