Trustees and Ambassadors -Chloe Gazzard, Sophie Lydia  Smith, Jono Rooke, Nick and Mandy Gazzard, Sophy Gardner and Juliette  Crosby
The Hollie Gazzard Trust has been put forward for two National Suzy Lamplugh Personal Safety Awards.
Nick Gazzard, chairman has been shortlisted the Taking Stalking Seriously Award while the trust itself, set up in memory of the murdered Gloucester hairdresser Hollie Gazzard, has been nominated for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust Safer Community Award.
The Suzy Lamplugh Trust was set up by Suzy’s parents to highlight the risk of stalking and to provide advice and support to those at risk. In 1986 25 year old Suzy, working as an estate agent, went missing after she went to go meet an unknown client. She was legally declared dead in 1993 and to this day her body has still not been found.
Nick Gazzard and other members of the trust will attend the awards to be held at the prestigious Church House in London’s Dean Yard on Friday the 17th of March.
“It is a real honour to get this kind of acknowledgement from another worthwhile charity,” Nick Gazzard explained. “Like us, they (Suzy Lamplugh Trust) are trying to raise awareness of the issues surrounding stalking. I speak for both myself and the trust when I say we are proud to be nominated and are looking forward to the awards to get to meet so many great people.”
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