Gloucester City Council is asking for feedback on new a design guidelines document for shopfronts, shutters and signage.

The current Shop fronts – design guidelines for Gloucester was produced in the early 1990’s and needs to be updated to better represent the city’s regeneration.

The public consultation will be open until the 16th January, 2017 and can be downloaded either by visiting http://www.gloucester.gov.uk/cityplan and searching for ‘current consultations’. A hardcopy of the consultation is also available from the city council offices at Gloucester Docks, the Guildhall, or Gloucester Library.

Residents can give their views on the consultation by completing the form online on the website, or emailing any comments to heritage@gloucester.gov.uk.

Once formally adopted, the updated guide will make sure that shop fronts and signage in the future help preserve and enhance the city’s unique and distinctive historic character.

Gloucester has a number of traditional and historic shop fronts, especially in the gate streets. The aim is to ensure that these are preserved, and where lost, reinstated for a better quality environment to promote the city’s historic importance. 

Cllr Colin Organ, cabinet member for housing and planning, said: “Gloucester has a unique and historic character, which we need to preserve for all to enjoy, and the new guidelines will help to make sure shops owners have support to do this.

“Shopfronts play an important role in improving the appearance of the street and add to the historic character of the city. We want to attract lots of people to visit our great city and maintaining attractive shopfronts and streetscapes will contribute to us achieving this.”

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