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Gloucester City Council’s budget for the coming financial year includes allocations for improving nature reserves, enhancing play areas in the city and regenerating the city centre.

The 2017/18 draft money plan, which will be discussed in December’s cabinet meeting, includes investment into regeneration and improving the nature reserves in the city.

The proposed budget, which is currently open to public consultation, allocates a total £13.5million investment into regenerating and improving the city through the council’s programme of capital investment.

Earlier this year the city council started the £6.4million regeneration of Gloucester’s bus station and previously unused buildings, such as Albion House and The Fleece House, have also been injected with cash to make them usable.

This regeneration is set to continue throughout 2017/18 with more than £5million being invested into the regeneration of Kings Quarter.

However, councils across the country are facing some of the toughest financial times in decades.

Also included in the proposed budget is an annual £5 increase in council tax for band D properties and possible ways on how the city council can make £2.6million savings by 2021/2022.

Residents are being asked for their views on the savings that will see the organisation change how it works and make better use of its resources.

This will focus on back office efficiencies and front line services will be protected as much as possible.

The consultation, that can be found here also asks residents what they think are the most important services. By getting a clearer understanding of what the public want the council is able deliver its priorities whilst protecting frontline services.

The council will continue to work with other councils and partners to see where services can be shared.

Cllr Dave Norman, cabinet member for performance and resources at Gloucester City Council, said: “This has been one of our toughest budgets yet. We have been challenged with having to make significant savings, but we’re confident that this proposed budget plan tackles those issues in the most efficient way possible.

“It’s so important that people take the time to complete this consultation. We are your council and your services, and we want to hear your views.”

Printed copies of the consultation can be found in libraries, council buildings and the Guildhall.

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