Staff at Gloucestershire Airport are trying to track down the owner of a drone found at the aerodrome. 

The quadcopter type was discovered in a locked compound, seemingly having made an impromptu arrival sometime since the morning of Saturday 7th January.

Operations director, Darren Lewington said: – “We’re very keen to speak to the craft’s owner. This particular model looks to be a relatively low cost example, typical of those found in high street stores and we’d guess it’s a Christmas present.  Nevertheless, operating a drone near an Airport is illegal and potentially very dangerous.  We are the busiest general aviation airport in the UK and handled over 83 000 flights in 2016.  Our Air Ambulance and Police helicopters sometimes operate on a 24-hour basis and our airspace extends two miles from the airfield and up to 2000ft.  A collision with a drone, even of this size, could have catastrophic consequences.

We’ve passed the drone onto the police and we’re hoping that the onboard camera’s SD card will help identify who the machine belongs to.  If anyone has any information, they should contact Gloucestershire Police quoting incident number 205 of 10th January.”

A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said: – “It is unlawful to fly a drone in restricted airspace, for example an airport, over a crowd (including people in vehicles), or over a built up area.

If we are confronted with a situation where a drone is being flown, we will trace the drone back to its operator and seek to get the drone grounded straight away. We can then resolve the situation in a number of ways. A warning may be appropriate or we may take action under the Air Navigation Order. In some circumstances it may be necessary to arrest the operator on suspicion of breaching the peace.”

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