After many years, mounted police are returning to Gloucestershire for a twelve month trial.

It follows a successful international project run in Gloucestershire two years ago, which showed that horses are a useful tactic for the police both in terms of reducing crime and serving the public.

Based at Highnam Court, Boris and General and their riders will be covering the whole of Gloucestershire, and the public will see police* on horseback patrolling local areas.

Chief Superintendent Gary Thompson, who has been leading the project, says the horses will be become part of our day to day policing of the county.

“As a policing tool, horses are invaluable in terms of crowd control and being able to cover larger and more inaccessible areas of the county on patrol.  However, they are so much more than that.  We want Boris and General to become part of the policing family in Gloucestershire and for the public to enjoying meeting them, and their riders, as part of day to day life.”

The trial has been backed by the Police and Crime Commission Martin Surl who says the horses will be an asset to the force.

“The research shows that people love to meet the horses and that means our officers are making more contact with the public on a daily basis.   The trial is a cost-effective way to see how well this works and ultimately best serve the people of Gloucestershire.”

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