Gentle the Donkey cropped

A Blessing of Animals service will be held at Gloucester Cathedral on Saturday 16 April at 2.00pm.

This special service is an opportunity for everyone who works with, values and loves animals to thank God for them and to have them blessed.

You are invited to bring any animal that you care about with you, from your goldfish to a favourite hen, from a prize lamb to a stick insect, and of course your dogs, cats, rabbits and ponies are all welcome too.

The Cathedral’s special donkey Gentle will help us to re-enact the Bible story of Balaam and his ass and a former vet will be reflecting on Animal Therapy.

The Very Reverend Stephen Lake, Dean of Gloucester said; “The love of God is shown most especially in creation, so it is right to bring those we care for to be blessed. Do come to your cathedral – and bring your owners too!”

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Gloucester Cathedral invites you to bring your pet along to a special “Blessing of Animals” service by Shaun Moore | Gloucester News Centre -