Picture Copyright: Jules Annan

Picture Copyright: Jules Annan / Gloucester News Centre

Police are continuing to dig the Devon garden of the couple who were jailed last year for rape and sex attacks on ten children.

The holiday postcard was sent by the Wests to their friends David and Pauline Williams, who it is believed, were looking after their children while they were away.

The Williams, who were jailed last year for child sex offences, are now at the centre of a new investigation.

Police are digging up the garden of the couple’s former home in Bradninch, Devon, amid reports they are searching for a baby’s body.


The Williams ran the Prince Albert pub in Gloucester, close to the home in Cromwell Street where the Wests imprisoned, tortured and killed young women, including their own teenage daughter Heather.

The card, sent on October 14, 1990, shows landmarks from the Cheshire Ring canal circuit.

Rose writes: “Colin (an unknown companion) says the ‘birds’ are very friendly here.

“Loads of wild life (sic) — especially when the soup exploded all over the galley!

“Several fishermen have also lost their groundbait.

“Mum and Dad xx.”


Copyright: Jules Annan / Gloucester News Centre

The Wests’ children are thought to have been staying with their evil pals and the card is addressed to the “West Williams Menagerie”.


18 Belgrave Road, Gloucester. Copyright: Shaun Moore / Gloucester News Centre

Andy Jones, who runs the Crime Through Time Collection at former Littledean Jail, Forest of Dean told The Sun: “The hairs on my neck stood up when I was given this card.

“To my mind, it tells of an orgy.”

Fred West hanged himself in jail in 1995 aged 53 before going on trial for murdering 12 women.

Rose West was jailed later that year for murdering 10 women -she will spend the rest of her life behind bars.

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