Picture shows leading party member UKIP Gloucester Harjit Gill.

A former  Labour Mayor and Sheriff  of Gloucester who is now a prominent member of UKIP in the city has been invited to appear on one of the UK’s largest Asian networks to talk about BREXIT.
Harjit Gill who runs the Post Office in Tredworth told Gloucester News Centre: ” I am absolutely delighted to have been invited to take part in this programme, which reaches all parts of the South Asian community, not just in this country but in many others as well.”
“In Gloucester, BREXIT is of great interest to all  those with a South Asian background, whether they are Sikhs, Hindus or  Muslim. The vast majority of those I speak to want the UK to leave the EU.  They feel strongly that the EU discriminates against those with historical and family ties to the UK built up over many generations and in two World wars in favour of citizens of other EU member states who have little or no connection to the UK, and who in many cases do not even speak English.”
“This is completely wrong. When I came to the UK back in the Seventies  I had to prove that I had certain qualifications and sufficient English language skills before I was able to stay. The fact that EU citizens do not have to do this is ridiculous , and it  means that this country is forced  to accept less well qualified EU citizens in preference to those from the Indian sub-Continent who are often better qualified. “
“Not only that , many of  those in Gloucester who have  roots in the Indian sub-Continent, and indeed other parts of the Commonwealth such as the Caribbean, find it difficult to get permission for family members to come over for visits, holidays and family occasions such as weddings. It is wrong to treat British Citizens and their families in such a fashion, especially when they  have worked hard and paid their taxes here for many decades, and in a lot of cases served in the Armed Forces and put themselves in the line of fire for our country as well.”
Harjit Gill will be a guest on Asian Akaal Channel Sky 843 on Saturday 18 th June at 4 pm.

Gloucester News Centre – http://gloucesternewscentre.co.uk

Former Gloucester mayor to appear on Asian TV to speak for BREXIT by Kate | Gloucester News Centre - http://gloucesternewscentre.co.uk/