There will be extra police patrols in Gloucester tonight. Members of the public who are out and about will see an increased police presence in the city.

The additional patrols have been put in place as a precaution to ensure communities stay safe during Halloween, the Rugby World Cup final and the first Saturday night since the darker evenings began.

Those going on a night out over the weekend are reminded to follow personal safety advice. Make arrangements of how you’re going to get home – book a taxi with a reputable company or arrange a lift with a friend or family member. Let others know where you are and don’t walk home on your own or leave your friends alone.

Don’t be flash with your cash or mobile phone – keep them out of view. Steer clear of trouble and be aware of your surroundings. If you see a problem, speak to a registered doorman or a police officer.

If you’re leaving your home unoccupied for the evening, avoid becoming a victim of burglary – leave a light on or set one on a timer to make it look like someone’s in. Lock all of your doors and windows and lock away any tools or ladders, which offenders could use to gain entry to your property. Make sure all side gates are locked and secure.

Local Policing Inspector, Steve Wood, said: “It’s expected to be busy in the centre of Gloucester on Saturday, due to various events and celebrations taking place. It’s important for police to be accessible and visible, especially during peak periods.

“There is nothing for the community to be concerned or worried about. Police patrols have been stepped up simply as a precaution and to make sure everyone has a fun and safe night out.”

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Extra police patrols in Gloucester on Halloween night by Shaun Moore | Gloucester News Centre - http://gloucesternewscentre.co.uk/