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Paws on Patrol

May 20

What is Paws on Patrol?

We are inviting all dog owners to join the scheme, register and be a “lookout” whilst you are walking in your neighbourhood each day. Each will be issued with a membership card that will hold all the necessary contact numbers including the Police non-emergency numbers, Crimestoppers, the City Council and Highways.

Aims of Paws on Patrol:

 Reduce the opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour to occur.
 Reduce the fear of crime especially in the vulnerable.
 Build a community spirit where dog walkers can contribute towards the protection of their neighbourhood.

Please Note: Members of Paws on Patrol are not vigilantes! Stopping crime is a Police job, Paws on Patrol is simply about providing the Police and Council with information, so together the community and authorities can help make neighbourhoods safer.

Some Patrollers have been very active and we have received a number of useful reports for investigation including incidents of fly tipping, dangerous dogs, drug dealing and thanks to one Patroller who witnessed and reported a man smashing the window of a jeweller’s window in Northgate Street, enabled an arrest to be made with the offender appearing in court the next day.