One of the fastest growing activities nationwide is set to come to Libertys in Eastgate Street in Gloucester this February.


Charles Perkins of William Paige Ltd confirmed a lease had been signed and work was underway. This adds to the existing leisure activities at the site including The Paint Pot Pottery Painting and Hijinx Softplay and Playground


Gloucestershire first Escape Rooms site (Trapped Escape Rooms) will have 4 rooms to choose from with different themes which will be announced later.  But could included a Haunted House, Nuclear Bunker, Prison Cell or Mad Scientist Lair.


The idea of the game is for a group of players to solve physical and mental challenges and locks to escape a series of rooms within the 60 minutes allowed.   Think of a series of Crystal Maze mental challenges and you will get the idea.  The games will have different levels of difficulty depending on the players experience.


Over the last few years Escape Rooms (or Locked Rooms as they are sometimes know)  have taken the country by storm springing up in most major cities and are often used by companies for team building days or just friends to have a shared challenge.


The one at Liberty’s will be the first to open in the County and is a coup for the City of Gloucester and will be only minutes walk away from the main public transport bus and train links.



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