Conservative defector and Old Richian Daniel Woolf is to stand for UKIP in the Longlevens by election, which takes place on Thursday 3 rd November. 

32 year old Dan,  who has taught at Sir Thomas Rich’s as well as at many other schools throughout the city and who was raised in Gloucester said :” I am absolutely delighted to have this opportunity of representing the residents of Longlevens on Gloucester City Council. Currently the Conservatives have 100 % of the seats representing Longlevens at City Council, County Council and Parliamentary level. When over three quarters of those who are entitled to vote in Longlevens don’t even vote Conservative this surely cannot be right.
I am appealing to all those in Longlevens who are therefore not currently represented at all to vote for me, and to make history by returning myself as the first UKIP councillor ever to be elected anywhere in Gloucester.
For my part I undertake to be an energetic and effective ambassador for Longlevens at Gloucester City Council, instead of yet another Conservative councillor who will not be able to say or do what he thinks is best for Longlevens, but will simply be forced to toe the party line.
There are so many urgent issues to be tackled — ranging from knife crime, to traffic congestion and the Elmbridge roundabout to the University expansion and development of the allotments.”
Richard Ford, who stood as the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate in Gloucester at last year’s General Election said :- “We are absolutely delighted to have Dan as the UKIP candidate in the Longlevens by election. He is the only candidate in the by election who is not of retirement age and he has the energy and enthusiasm to represent the ward, whilst at the same time as both a father and professional teacher of ten years’ standing he also has enough life experience to be able to advise and represent Longlevens residents well, and to attend to their concerns. The best of both worlds, in fact.
It speaks volumes that each one of his Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat opponents declined the opportunity to take him on in a cross party debate and to engage with local residents and local issues.
I feel confident that the electors of Longlevens will identify what a capable and high quality candidate Dan is,  and that they will take this opportunity of sending him to Gloucester City Council to act on their behalf and to represent their interests. “

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Daniel Woolf to stand for UKIP in Longlevens By-Election by Shaun Moore | Gloucester News Centre - http://gloucesternewscentre.co.uk/