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As part of Gloucester City Council’s efforts to help preserve the wildlife and nature at Barnwood Arboretum, residents are being reminded of the dog control order (DCO) that is in place there.

The order, which came into being in 2007, is designed to help protect public spaces by controlling dogs when in the arboretum and to help protect the wildlife that can be found there.

These orders are enforced by trained officers of the city council, police community support officers (PCSOs) and police officers. Enforcement relates to dog fouling, dogs walking off a lead on all public highways and dogs being in designated public open spaces such as play areas.

Informal signage had already been put in place to encourage dog owners to keep their pets on leads when in the park. However, there were still instances of dogs being off their leads and worrying cattle and sheep that graze on the land.

During the summer, Dexter breed of cattle graze on the land at the arboretum and through winter months, rare breed sheep. These help to maintain the grass, adding to the natural surrounds of the arboretum. They can be easily scared by dogs that are loose, particularly larger breeds.

The council will install new signage on September 1st, requiring all dogs to be on leads in the arboretum. This signage reinforces the DCO relating to open spaces, and informs owners they could be subject to a fine of up to £1,000 if they do not keep their dog on a lead.

The order only applies to the arboretum and not the rest of Barnwood Park.

Lloyd Griffiths, head of neighbourhood services at Gloucester City Council, said: “We know that most dog walkers are responsible owners, but there are still people putting the flora and fauna in the arboretum at risk.

“The arboretum is there for everyone to enjoy, and we need to act responsibly with regard to animals living or grazing in the arboretum.

“I want to make it absolutely clear that we are not banning dogs from the arboretum and would like to ask for everyone’s support in protecting the livestock and fauna by complying with the DCO directing all dogs to be on leads.”

For further information, please contact the council on

Gloucester News Centre –

Council takes lead on dog control by Kate | Gloucester News Centre -