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The big county new this week comes from Wychwood Festival who have made the incredible announcement that their Saturday night headliner will be none other than the legendary 10CC!!! The band, famed for a string of hits throughout the 70’s including the iconic “I’m Not In Love”, will also be joined by The Correspondents, The Selector, Smashing Blouse, Honne and a personal favourite of mine, the amazing Stereo MC’s. So, get yourself connected (see what I did there?) and get your tickets from


There’s an absolutely massive gig on at Gloucester Guildhall tonight when the venue plays host to the mighty Hunter & The Bear. They will be joined by local favourite Quigley who I recently featured in the column and is an absolute shining star just waiting to burst onto the national scene. There are tickets still available and I know that you are able to buy on the door. I strongly urge you to get along – two absolutely amazing acts in an incredible venue – support local music, have a great night out and just enjoy!!


It’s hard not to mention the thrills that have gone by this week with the Cheltenham Festival. I’ve not been in the town much for various reasons but when I’ve been around it’s been amazing to see the vibrancy of the place. On every street corner there has been music, joy and laughter everywhere. In every bar, club and pub there has been a band, a singer, some old fella playing a fiddle…it has been truly amazing. Whilst it can’t be like this all the time (I’m sure there will be a few landlords in need of a holiday!!) wouldn’t it be great to have a little more of the Cheltenham spirit around more often? Music really does unite and bring joy to the masses. The festival is about so much more than the horses and the Guinness, everyone just loves a good old knees up and sing-a-long!! Well done to the singers, bravo to the musicians – you’ve done Cheltenham proud!!


Gig Of The Week

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Fresh from a residency at Apres for race week, this week it goes to those Celtic heroes The Roving Crows who play at Stroud’s Subscription Rooms this Saturday night (19th) in a belated St Patrick’s night extravaganza. This really is the event of the year for them, their fans and for all lovers of epic music. If that wasn’t enough, they are supported by one of my favourite independent singer/songwriters, Mr Gaz Brookfield. Gaz really is a truly awesome songwriter, his songs are full of anecdotes and passion and you really can’t help but warm to him and sing along!! Trust me, you won’t have a better night out this year – so go!!!



Song Of The Week


As he’s playing with The Roving Crows tomorrow, and as he plays in the county a lot, I have picked a track by Gaz Brookfield as my song of the week this week. If you haven’t heard of him yet this is the perfect introduction to his music. I highly encourage you to take this as the springboard to go off and discover more of his stuff. There is plenty of it out there on youtube and all the other places you would expect to find it. The links to his Facebook are below. The guy is a genius, and live he is SUPERB!!! “Be The Bigger Man” is one in the eye to all the people that ever bullied him at school, it really struck a chord with me…I was that kid, and I am sure a lot of you were too. Just listen…it’ll make you smile, it might make you cry – but it’ll also make you think and realise that you are SO much better than so many people. Enjoy!!


Be The Bigger Man:



Gig List

As ever, big thanks to John Plane for letting us share his fantastic gig list. Get out there and support live music – some great events coming up over the coming week:


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