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Anita Andrews has been recruited by Marketing Gloucester as lead artist to provide training and experience to Art Shape and Global Arts who are both part of the Carnival Arts partnership.

The artists preparing weekly arts workshop called ‘Carnival Kings and Queens’ that will be leading up to carnival.  Anita, a veteran of the Carnival business has been providing Arts training and workshops to both Art Shape and Global Arts so they can go on to provide training and knowledge to more artists and participants in the 2016 Gloucester Carnival.

Cllr Lise Noakes Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure said:”Carnival is an important part of the city’s diverse cultural offering. Anita’s Appointment will greatly assist in supporting this”.

Anita has trained with the New Carnival Company and worked for Bath Carnival and Bath International Music Festival. This year, Gloucester Carnival artists, Global Arts, will be making larger and more dramatic structures; using new techniques and materials to give Gloucester Carnival the wow factor!

Costumes will be worn by children from Venture Playground White City and their friends and families.

Marketing Gloucester is happy to invest in the cultural life of the City.  Karen Pearson, Events & Operations Manager said: “We are delighted to bring in Artist Anita Andrews to provide some practical carnival skills to support Gloucester’s Carnival Artists. Carnival in Gloucester is going from strength to strength and we intend to continue investing in this exciting art form.”

Gloucester Carnival is in its 80th year and is now part of the very first SoMAC (Summer of Music, Arts & Culture) which runs right though July and August. Gloucester Carnival 2016 will involve the parade itself which starts at the bottom of Westgate Street in Westgate car park and makes its way through ‘The Cross’ and down to the end of Eastgate street and round into Gloucester Park. Once there, there will be a stage with live music playing until 10:00pm. The park will also be hosting the Wilson Funfair, food and drink stalls and a performance of ‘Lost and found’ – a spectacular dance created by Gdance.  .

Caroline Esson, Play Coordinator for Venture White City said: ‘We are excited to be working with Global Arts again and this year the costumes are going to be better than ever’.

Anita also worked with Artshape who’s Carnival Kings and Queens promise to be a spectacular addition to Carnival this year.

Harriet West, Project Manager for Art Shape said: “We are excited to have some tricks and tips from Anita.  This will be our 6th year in Gloucester Carnival and Artshape are a committed partner taking Carnival forward to new heights”.

Those wishing to get involved with ‘Carnival Kings and Queens’ and learn how to create larger than life, vibrant costumes and props with a twist, can contact ArtShape on their email: or tel: 01452863855.

Gloucester News Centre –

Carnival Arts Training a success! by Kate | Gloucester News Centre -