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The next phase of the new bus station hub was completed this weekend, when 10 Stagecoach buses successfully took part in a test run at St Oswalds car park.

This weekend, 10 stagecoach buses of all shapes and sizes, successfully drove around strategically placed cones which outline the proposed design of the new bus station.

The test run went smoothly, with all buses easily getting from A to B ensuring that the proposed design of the new bus station is fit for purpose.

It was important that this test run was carried out in order to guarantee that the design works, that there is enough room for buses of all sizes and that all vehicles can easily manoeuvre.

Gloucester City Council is currently on schedule for the build of its new bus station hub in the city centre.

The archaeological dig is complete, the rubble from the demolished buildings has been cleared and now, following the successful test run, the contracted designers, Kier, are in the process of finalising the design for the new look bus station.

Speaking about the successful test run, Cllr Paul James, leader of Gloucester City Council and cabinet member for regeneration and change, said: “Ensuring that the design of the new bus station works, before the build begins, was vital.

“All stagecoach buses easily moved around the cones, meaning that the design works and the next stage can begin. Kier have done a great job on the design and I’m really looking forward to seeing it begin to take place later this year.”

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