Housing association Gloucester City Homes (GCH) with help from contractor AKW, have transformed the home of a young woman, Rozina, who needed accessible accommodation to enable her to live more independently and to pursue her education and career.

Rozina had lived in a Neurological Unit for two and a half years, and the care team that looked after her were having difficulty finding a suitable home within the community.  Rozina was keen to live more independently, although various houses and flats had become available, issues regarding wheelchair access had unfortunately made them unsuitable for her.

Rozina explained, “I needed a place where I could function, but still be a young person and have my friends over. The flat needed to meet my medical and physical needs but not look and feel like a clinical environment or be adapted to a point where it would be impractical for my friends, family and care team.”

A suitable flat was found, that would allow Rozina to live independently and provide the amount of space she needed to store equipment whilst still having enough room to entertain her friends and family.  However, the kitchen and bathroom required significant adaptations in order for them to fulfil her needs.

Rozina was keen to be a part of the entire process, visiting several times during the build and was involved in choosing the work surfaces, flooring, doors and handles, to make the space her own.

The kitchen was fitted with special Rise and Fall cupboards allowing Rozina to bring them down to countertop level. A Rise and Fall sink was also fitted allowing her to adjust the height of the sink to a comfortable level.  Rozina commented, “I can adjust the sink to the height of whichever wheelchair I am using on a particular day and also adjust the height for carers within seconds.”

In the bathroom, AKW installed an iCare electric shower, allowing Rozina to adjust the temperature of the water herself as well as other adjustable items.

Michael Hill, Director of Property Services at Gloucester City Homes added “At Gloucester City Homes we always aim to ensure that our properties meet the needs of our tenants and will continue to focus on creating homes that allow our tenants to live independently. This is a great success story and we are thrilled that Rozina can now live in a home that makes her life easier.”

Gloucester City Homes carries out around 120 major adaptations a year to ensure that homes are suitable for tenants needs.

James Dadd, AKW’s Marketing Director added “Everything we do at AKW is focussed toward our customers.  We get a huge amount of satisfaction in seeing the solutions that our products provide for the end users; to help in their day to day quality of life and independence and it never fails to hit home to us just how much the end users appreciate the positive outcomes that these adaptations have helped make.”

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